Disciples of Code: Decoded, Part 2 -- Decoding the why

Developers pursue coding for many reasons.

You can launch your favorite web browser and do an Internet search, and find any number of individuals and organizations offering reason after reason that learning to code is important. You can most likely find an equal number offering an opposing opinion. Of course, like with nearly all subjects of grand relevance, what this really means is that the ‘Why’ to the importance of coding, is up to you. And with any endeavor, the end result and polished nature of the output is nowhere near as significant as the attitude and approach of the individual undertaking the task. As such, I can only offer you a few of my own personal WHYs, and let you decide what value learning to code has to you.

  1. Problem-solving & People-relating

    Writing, debugging, refactoring, and deploying code (both your own and that of others) are fundamentally problem-solving activities. Whether trying to track down a particularly annoying bug, or trying to figure out how to do something cool, working with code requires lateral thinking. Often, this involves working with other people, and allows us to learn and grow and discover new ways of approaching problems, while we learn new ways of relating to others.

  2. Confidence & Creation

    Literacy in any language often leads to an increased sense of confidence, not only in terms of social interactions, but also in shaping the environments around you. It gives us a more solid and diverse foundation for decoding, or understanding, everything around us. And with understanding, comes the ability to see alternative solutions and possibilities previously hidden. We can respond intelligently to the challenges we face. We can build upon that understanding, and create or innovate. Few impulses in life stir us more deeply than that of creation. Realizing that you cannot only change and influence things, but build things which other people can use is a powerful thought.

  3. Taking Back Control

Many people these days feel that they have few options. Buried under crushing debt. Slaving away at a job they hate to barely make ends meet. Missing out on the things in life that truly matter — spending time with your children as they grow up, visiting that one place your heart has always longed to see — because of the incessant feeling of helplessness and powerlessness. Learning to code is a choice to empower yourself, to equip yourself with one of the most desirable skill sets in the workforce. And when you have skills that are desirable, you are presented with a wide array of options that you didn’t have before. Create mobile apps while being a stay-at-home dad? Easily accomplished. Pay off all of your student loan debt in a year or two? With enough leftover for some toys and vacations, no less! But most importantly, by making the choice to learn to code, you are making a decision to refuse to persist in a negative state. You refuse to allow anyone else to control your life. Only you can change your world.